TAI-CHI Consulting (TAI-CHI) is a full-service consulting and staffing firm that goes above and beyond to match the “right” people with the “right” jobs. Our goal is to bridge the gap between employers who need to find, hire and retain quality talent and professionals who are looking for career direction, training and their perfect job. For clients, TAI-CHI offers comprehensive HR & IT services including talent acquisition, high-level business strategy development and customized staffing program design. Job seekers will benefit from TAI-CHI’s passion to provide all individuals the career tools needed to succeed.

At TAI-CHI our approach is simple; treat everyone like a person, not just a number. We listen, we offer great benefits, and most importantly we impart knowledge to ALL people who come through our doors. The TAI-CHI brand name comes from the ancient Chinese philosophy that embraces yin and yang energies to create a sense of balance, harmony and calmness. Our values are rooted in trust, respect and honesty and we uphold these above all else. This is what sets TAI-CHI apart from every other staffing agency.

Our vision is clear, the mission is unparalleled, and we are ready to make an impact in the industry!




Cellular Optimization

I am so excited to announce our recent partnership with vMOX. We have been able to work together to offer our clients something extremely valuable.  This service can reduce the spend on mobility

"I am an Oracle Design Specialist who was working in Dallas and my assignment was coming to an end. Tom Taylor found me a job in St. Louis with one of the largest IT firms in the area. After four months, the company hired me full time into a great position. Five years later I’m still there!"

Priya, Sr. Software Engineer