Leader Bing Chiu Dempewolf  worked on the TAI-CHI Consulting (TAI-CHI) concept for several years before launching the company. Bing has 28+ years experience in Business, Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT). She has first-hand knowledge of the difficulties in finding, hiring, motivating, managing and retaining good employees. For years she has been encouraged to create a staffing company that showcases her unique style of career “options” coaching, her ability to find quality talent, and her desire to “make a difference” in people’s lives.

The task of finding the “right” people for an organization has changed over the years and competition for great talent is extremely competitive. Loyalties have changed and workers demand as much from employers, as the reverse. Business strategies, competition for resources and market shifts create a “just-in-time” strategy for talent acquisition. TAI-CHI fundamentally bases its approach on proactive, high energy and creative solutions to human capital management.

We engage candidates who come through our doors using employee-oriented business practices that are unique to the industry. TAI-CHI applies balance and harmony principles to sourcing talent and identifying golden nuggets within each person. We focus on an individual’s strengths and capabilities that are identified during our screening and qualifying process. No other staffing firm in the market employs the techniques of our business model. TAI-CHI Consulting and TAI-CHI University combined, offer clients and employees unparalleled career service.

Through our Vision & Mission, and commitment to candidate career coaching and education, we are setting new standards of excellence, while changing the way employment is conducted. Our leaders want to impact the workforce and engage not only the experienced HR and IT professionals, but also create jobs for those that need a little extra help. TAI-CHI focuses on Veterans leaving the military to join the civilian workforce, students who want internships to develop work-related experiences that complement their education, workers-in-transition who need career coaching and counseling, and disadvantaged workers who are trying to find employment again.

TAI-CHI’s story is being written every day and in ways that amaze the most hardened professionals. The best part of our story is that we encourage everyone to join our journey and set new standards for bridging the gap between professionals and companies.